The Lower Fungi

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This provides a taxonomic list of organisms commonly looked upon as belonging to the regnum Fungi with the exception of the Ascomycota or the Basidiomycota, but including the Fossil Fungi and the Fungi incertae sedis. All entries have been checked in the original articles except of those organisms first published in herbaria or indicated by an asterisk. Users who cannot find a certain species in the list are recommended to look up the associated genus where the taxum may be commented. The original literature is quoted literally including possible misprints.

Trustworthy sources have been very valuable, besides the institutions quoted below the electronic pages of Index Fungorum, Cybertruffle or MycoBank, and the user is strongly recommended to use them in addition. Information about errors or omissions are welcome.

In case that you use information from this source you are cordially invited to quote this site as www.fungi_protozoa. Errors or additions may be sent to

This document is a work in progress. Irrespective of the means by which it may become disseminated, in its present form it is not intended to be a publication in the sense of the ICBN. Taxonomic citations should be regarded as having manuscript status only. This version updated February 2019.

This is not a scientific publication.